anna's Story

  • The legal cannabis industry is booming - set to eclipse a $50 BILLION opportunity by 2022.
  • anna cracks the code for bringing today's advancements in retail automation to the cannabis industry.

anna.Tech is bringing retail automation to life


In late 2017, when purchasing legal cannabis for the first time, anna Founder Matt Frost asked himself one simple question - “Who’s bright idea was it to design this place like it was 1995?...”

We live in an increasingly automated world. Retailers rely heavily on technology, creating a retail automation industry set to reach $19 billion in the next 3 years.

Despite being born in the age of technology, the legal cannabis industry has ignored retail trends.

Instead it has spent millions of dollars on square footage and manual labor, destined to repeat the mistakes of their big box retail predecessors. And as a result - consumers are forced to spend hours waiting in long lines making uneducated decisions about the products they need. is changing how consumers shop for CBD and marijuana - bringing the retail experience into the 21st century with smart, AI-powered technology. anna’s vision is simple: Provide retailers and consumers a cutting edge technology that enables fast, compliant transactions customized to their unique and growing needs.

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