We'd love to introduce you to anna!

Whether you're a CBD company, a dispensary owner, a (potential) CBD retailer or just an average Joe or Joanna who sees the potential of our technology — anna could be for you.

During a demo with one or more of our friendly team members, you can see first hand how our patent-pending technology can:

Dispensary Owners

  • increase sales per square foot
  • save thousands of $$$ in overhead
  • improve customer experience
  • intelligently manage inventory with real time anna.lytics
  • Power custom reporting through AI technology

CBD & THC Brands

  • Directly access customers via low-cost retail channel
  • Establish a direct brand-to-consumer communication & marketing channel channel, including email capture
  • Promote brands via custom, magnetic exterior wraps
  • Help consumers access your brand directly compared to limited retail spaces
  • Gain automated insight into customer behaviors, trends and other anna.lytics via a customized onlien portal

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