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anna is the first AI-powered self-checkout solution for the budding cannabis industry.


From neighborhood dispensaries to CBD retail shops, you’re covered with anna. is bringing retail automation to life in the legal THC + CBD cannabis markets.

  • The legal cannabis industry is booming. The combined THC and CBD markets is set to eclipse $70 billion by 2022
  • anna cracks the code for bringing today's advancements in retail automation to the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Intelligence: Smart, Compliant, Dependable

Cost Savings

More than $180k in annual savings

Increase sales and decrease transaction time with anna's online ordering platform

Turnkey Solutions

anna integrates with all major payment & point of sale tech

AI Powered

anna is equipped with predictive analytics & decision-making support

User Experience

anna provides a personalized experience that helps drive new sales

Patent Pending

First & only fulfillment automation technology in cannabis

Designed to facilitate faster, reliable and more efficient retail transactions, anna benefits both dispensary owners and consumers.

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Increase store capacity and customer loyalty with anna's hands-on services.

White-Glove Installation

Personalized Hands-On Training

Remote & Onsite Service

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Technical Support 7-Days a Week

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